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Cure Your Asthma

"I have just watched a roomful of people who have suffered terribly from perhaps the most rampant disease of this generation, long thought to be incurable, begin to recover from it. Dramatically. Almost incredibly. Within five days."




"It has changed my life. Before, I could barely walk up stairs now I can manage a 10 mile hike. I was using my puffer four times a day as well as steroids and now I'm off all drugs"


Thanks a million!! Have had my first session ---it is working, and I WILL

Again, THANKS, for your report!!

The best to you,


"Good day, Karon!

Just wanted to touch base with you and say that I'm still totally amazed at how well this method works for me! We just got back from a 3-week vacation to places I'd never been before, and I did experience several times where I felt that tightness starting, but doing [the treatment] got me out of the woods, and no medication was required! I truly just can't believe it. I did have to use the inhaler, one puff, just once, but that sure beats what I'd been experiencing before starting this program.

Since starting this program I've tried to encourage friends I know to TRY it, to check it out, to go to your web page and read there and on their own (as you suggest), but as far as I know, none have felt they could take the "leap of faith" and try it. Amazing, isn't it, that folks would rather take a medication than try something new?! But, in their defense, I don't know if I'd have done it either if I hadn't been in crisis mode, so will keep the information handy for whenever any of them gets to the point I was to, and then maybe they'll try it.

And, meanwhile, thanks so much for making this an affordable option. It's

As ever,




"Dear Karon,
I have to tell you that I was sending you the money for your book thinking, 'well if I never get my book from her at least I kept looking looking for a cure. I sent the money not really expecting to hear from you, I was that
desperate to find a cure! I have had asthma since childhood. I have been diagnosed with moderate asthma and treated by the best acupunturist, holistic and Western Medicine doctors who all have been unable to find a cure. Thank you for finding all of us a mousetrap that actually works. I am now into my third day of my five days, that my asthma is supposed to be
cured and guess what? It is gone! Last night, ... I slept like a log and had dreams unlike any I have had for any time in my life. I woke up as refreshed as I have been since I was a child. I took my singular and my other three asthma inhalants as you have advised me to do.

However, this morning for the first time since 1995, when my asthma got really bad, I did not take my morning big three inhalers. I worked all day yesterday cutting wood and I had no problem at all, not at all. That includes not a touch of tightness of breath. However, what I hve learned in just three days is that if a touch of ightness of breath comes, I just [do the treatment and] then resume normal breathing and everything is fine. Now, here is the real kicker: I have had bronchitius for the last three weeks and
now it is gone too!

If I ever come to Miami, I will look you up and say thank you in person. I don't think my asthma is already cured, I know it is! Thank you so much, I feel like like that for all the good I have done in this life, I got a big
pay back. Now, on with the rest of my life! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'll be in touch!

Your friend,




"Dear Miss Karon:

I would like to share with you my wonderful life after [starting the treatment]. Mucus seems diminished 80%, wheezing sound when I sleep at night seems a lot softer, I wish it will disappear in the future.

My asthma has been dropped down to 20% after just merely 4 days...

Please pass this information to any asthmatic like me. You know I was so hopeless and thought about suicide before I have reached your homepage. I have been a long time (more than 5 years) so weak, no energy with this asthma.



Cure Your Asthma in Just One Week.
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Become Naturally Free From Asthma with a safe, fast-working and drug-free treatment proven by clinical trials. With the report, you can start the home program immediately.

There are no additional costs to pay & your low-cost outlay will be refunded if you don't achieve the promised benefits. No other prescription or natural asthma treatment on the market today will match that guarantee! Suitable for children over 3 and adults any age.

Cure your asthma

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