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Summary: A drug free, medically proven home treatment designed by an ex-asthmatic who cured  her own asthma.

Very thorough guide with solid strategies to beat asthma.
Created someone who understands the pain of living with asthma

Not a quick read, the guide outlines many avenues available, so you need to decide which is best for you
The cost is slightly higher than the other guides reviewed here

Our Opinion:
Our highest recommendation. This is a case of  getting what you pay for.
Excellent value for the money

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Asthma Relief

Summary: With this allergy & asthma treatment information, neither you nor your loved ones ever have to suffer a potentially life-threatening allergy or asthma attack again.

Mature product with many satisfied customers
Not limited to asthma, also covers allergy symptoms

Recommended supplements can get expensive
Medical explanations tend to be technical at times

Our Opinion:
A good purchase for those who want to try a remedy using all natural supplents. If allergies are also a concern, then this is the guide for you.

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Asthma Cure

Summary: Miracle Asthma Cure teaches you valuable information about how to collaborate with your body naturally and peacefully, rebuild the organs of digestion by a cleansing diet, reset the respiratory center in the brain with breath exercises, and raise the vital force with acupressure to make it easier for the patient to be patient while their body heals.

Excellent bonus report about children with asthma
All natural approach

Cleansing diet may not be appropriate for those with existing health issues such as IBS
New product, and as a result, few testimonials

Our Opinion:
A good purchase for those who want a holistic approach.using all natural supplents. Relatively new product, but worth the price if the bonuses are of value to you.

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Control Asthma

Summary: Here's the solution you have been looking for, especially if you've tried everything and nothing's worked, and you're sick and tired of asthma stealing your life

Very reasonably priced, an excellent value for the money 
Written by a former asthmatic in an easy to read style

Not as comprehensive as our top reccomendation
New product, with few testimonials

Our Opinion:
A good purchase for those who want to try a remedy using with an emphasis on stress relief, although many other aspects are covered. The inexpensive price point combined with the bonus reports make this an overall excellent value

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